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  Welcome on the website of MaxGross BV.

MaxGross is an innovative engineering company that is among others aimed at developing solutions in transportation. In addition, BV MaxGross services for implementing SAP Business One for the engineering-to-order process.

MaxGross BV launches The MaxFrame

The MaxFrame trailerconcept:

See how it operates? Klick on the image above to see the animation!!

The MaxGross MaxFrame is a Container transfer system for 20’, 30’, 40’, 43’ and 45’ ISO containers. The trailer can load and unload all these sizes without requiring a spreader or a crane.

Your favorite trailer builder can build the MaxFrame on a standard trailer. With the MaxFrame you will have a self-loading and unloading container-trailer, with the following specifications:

- low weight
- as such the container may be transported with maximum payload
- complies with the legislation for all size containers including High-Cube Containers,   so exemptions are not necessary
- cost efficient
- multifunctional
- all sizes containers will Fit on a MaxFrame Trailer
- can also be loaded with a spreader or A crane

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